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We strive to provide a support system for our clients so you can successfully combat the challenges of determining your best suitable option for coming to Canada. Our team of Student Visa Consultant will help you to pursue a good academic career in Canada.

If you are a student hoping to study in Canada, there are opportunities to do so. After you have been accepted to, you need a Canadian student visa to travel to Canada for your studies. You will have to provide your acceptance letter for a designated learning institution in Canada. You also need a valid international passport of the travel document and proof that you can support yourself and your family members who will come with you while you are in Canada.

If a college/university has offered you admission, or you are looking forward to being accepted, you will need a study permit before coming to Canada. There several options to choose from. For example, some people apply for a study permit at the port of entry when they arrive in Canada. Others apply from within Canada. Our licensed immigration experts at Swani-Can Immigration in Vaughan, Ontario will advise you better on the best decision to make.

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