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We strive to provide a support system for our clients so you can successfully combat the challenges of determining your best suitable option for coming to Canada.

Depending on the document you want to travel with, the issuing country of your documents, your nationality, and method of travel to Canada, you might need a Canadian visitor/tourist visa. Our RCICs at Swani-Can Immigration are available to help. We will advise you on whether the Canadian visitors/tourist visa is the best option for you.

Your Canadian visitors/tourist visa is a document that authorities attach to your passport that allows you to stay in Canada for six months from the time of your entry into Canada. It is an official document that might also be required of you when you are transiting through Canada. Border officers will put the date you need to leave Canada on your passport, or a visitor record containing the same information. You can ask border officers for stamps, but if you do not have a stamp, you have six months to stay in Canada from the day of entry or the duration of your visa. Reach out to us today for a simple Canadian visitors/tourist visa process. Our licensed immigration consultants in Vaughan, Ontario, will advise you on the best steps to take.

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