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We strive to provide a support system for our clients so you can successfully combat the challenges of determining your best suitable option for coming to Canada.

Authorities issue super visas to parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. They do this upon the fulfillment of specific requirements. First, the visiting parents or grandparents must have a signed letter of invitation from their child or grandchild, inviting them to Canada. The letter must include a promise of financial support from the Canadian for the length of stay, a list of the number of people in his/her household, a copy of the person’s permanent resident or Canadian citizenship document.

Second, the visitor or visitors must have proof of medical insurance valid for up to 12 months from a Canadian insurance company. The issued insurance must be up to 100,000 CAD, including evidence to support your stay. The child or grandchild inviting you to Canada must meet the minimum necessary income recommendation by Canada, to show this, he/she must submit a notice of assessment, employment letter, pay stubs or bank statement. Reviewing authorities also check the ties of the visitor with their home country, the purpose of the visit, economic and political stability of home country, families, and finances.

Applicants for a Canadian super visa must apply outside Canada before allowed by authorities to enter the country and take a medical immigration test. Our immigration consultants at Swani-Can Immigration offer a support system that will help you weigh options properly to determine the most suitable way you can come to Canada with a Canadian super visa.

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