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We strive to provide a support system for our clients so you can successfully combat the challenges of determining your best suitable option for coming to Canada.

You can get a Canadian refugee protection status if you fear persecution or are at risk of losing your life in your current country. Canada is an open and welcoming country for refugees, but making a refugee claim is not a free ticket into Canada. The refugee system is not for those seeking a better economic life. It only exists to protect those who would face persecution or threat to their lives in their home country.

If you cross the ports of entry into Canada, you will be arrested and subjected to medical criminality and security checks because it is against the law. Crossing the border may also put you and your family at risk. It is dangerous. Laying a refugee claim means you will have to go through a rigorous process. The process will help Canadian authorities ascertain your need for refuge protections. There are specific requirements to be called a refugee. Not having a temporary protected refugee status in the US, or losing that status is by no means a ground for refugee claims.

If your refugee claim is rejected, you will most likely be sent to your country of origin. The dangers listed that could warrant a Canadian refuge claim are a torture, risk or life, and risk of unusual treatment or punishment. Canada will be able to protect you if you face any of the risks when you go to your country. Our immigration consultants in Vaughan, Ontario will advise you and guide you through your refugee claim application. We have served clients in the Greater Toronto Area, international, and across Canada. Contact us today for a seamless application and immigration experience.

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