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Canada believes in reuniting families and created immigration programs to help do so. It includes ways to sponsor your spouse, parents, children, or grandparents as permanent residents in Canada. With the program, your relatives can live, work, and study in Canada. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and people registered in Canada as Indians can sponsor their relatives to Canada. There are two types of relatives that you can sponsor: close relatives, and other relatives. Close relatives consist of spouses or common-law partners, dependent or adopted children, parents, and grandparents. The other relatives include any other relative that does not belong to the close category. They include siblings, aunts, uncles and adopted siblings.

Canada’s close relative sponsorship consists of three categories, spousal/common-law partner, dependent child, and parents and grandparents sponsorship. Dependent child sponsorship will enable you to sponsor your children under the age of 22-years-old or your adopted children to Canada. Canadian authorities require that the persons you are sponsoring meet specific criteria if they are not your close relatives. If you are sponsoring a sibling or other relatives, you must first confirm that the person is related to you, not up to the age of eighteen, and single. Contact our trusted immigration consultants at Swani-Can Immigration today. We are working out office in Vaughan, Ontario, today.

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