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Permanent Residency

Persons who immigrated from other countries to Canada to reside permanently are permanent residents. Authorities require permanent residents of Canada to present their permanent resident (PR) cards or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) when they travel to Canada by any route. Failure to do this will translate to the inability to return to Canada via any route. It is also expected of permanent residents to ensure that their PR card remains valid and apply for a new PR card upon the expiration. Permanent residents must maintain their permanent resident status even though they are outside of Canada. They must present their PR card whenever they arrive in Canada on any commercial vehicle through any of the known routes. If your PR card expires outside Canada, you must apply before coming back. We are a professional Permanent Residency Immigration Consultant and will help you to provide Canadian Citizenship.

Permanent residents of Canada qualify for all social and health benefits available to Canadian citizens. They can live, work and study anywhere in Canada, and apply to be Canadians. They must pay their taxes and abide by all federal, provincial, and municipal laws in Canada. Permanent residents do not have suffrage in Canada, and they cannot hold critical security positions. Our Canadian Immigration Experts will help you to immigrate quickly.

Do you want to achieve your dream of becoming a permanent resident of Canada today? Swani-Can Immigration has been helping people from other countries through the process of becoming permanent residents. Our clients spread across the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, and across the globe. Some of the programs you can apply for to become permanent residents of Canada are Family Sponsorship, Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, and Refugee claims. Reach out to our licensed immigration consultancy firm, Swani-Can Immigration at Vaughan, Ontario, today for guidance and help with all your permanent residency problems. 

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