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Immigration Appeal Division

No one prays for this to happen, but sometimes, your immigration application will be refused, so you need to have an idea about what you should do when this happens. An immigration appeal is the first thing you should consider when your application is rejected. An appeal is a formal process that goes to the court, asking the member/judge to review the unfavorable decision. Depending on the kind of appeal, different kinds of courts can handle your appeal. Appeals for spousal sponsorship applications, removal orders of permanent residents, protected persons, and residency obligations can be filed to the immigration appeal division, while a declined of this appeal would be filed to the federal court.

Reapplying is sometimes the best option after your application has been rejected. Swani-Can Immigration will help you review your application to make sure you have not made any mistakes during your application that warranted the earlier decision. If you must file an appeal, however, you must know the deadlines determined by the court. Some division set a 15-days deadline while others set 30-days. Depending on your case, there may be a 60-days deadline from the division as well. If you are late with your application, in most cases, you have no options.

There is so much paperwork that goes with filing your application. Most of these documents go between your lawyers, immigration consultant, and the immigration member/judge who may issue a leave after due consideration. A leave is a technical term indicating the member/judge willingness to hear the case. Swani-Can Immigration can help you file an appeal and provide expert advice on how to go about one. We have helped clients in the Greater Toronto Area, internationally and across Ontario, Canada. Our licensed immigration consultants are available to help you 24/7. We are located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Reach out to us today and make your immigration to Canada easy.

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