Humanitarian & Compassionate Reason [H&C]

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Humanitarian & Compassionate Reason [H&C]

Humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) applications are exceptional applications under Canadian immigration law. It is an application for foreign nationals who are in Canada but do not meet the requirements for other applications such as economic immigration applications, sponsorships, work permits, and study permits. Sometimes, people do not qualify for other applications because they have been in Canada out of status for some time owing to some reasons. In most cases, these foreign nationals are unable to complete their paperwork, are confused, didn’t meet a submission deadline, etc.

Sometimes people travel to Canada on visitor status or come to make a refugee claim, which was refused, and they end up staying in Canada. People are also stuck in Canada after they have done other applications thinking they are qualified, but authorities refuse them. These lead to many foreign nationals remaining in Canada without legal status. Many of the illegal immigrants start to build a life in Canada and do not want to return to their home country for several reasons. Some have Canadian children, and they do not want to go back home because they do not have anyone back home who would take care of them, and they sometimes have age-related medical conditions.

H&C applications are diverse, and there are always many different situations. If you travel to Canada for some reason, and you are out of status, and you have been in Canada for a long time, say a five of years, you may be qualified for an H&C application.

Reviewing officers at Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is going to check how integrated the applicant is to Canadian society. They will look out for groups the person belongs to in Canada and the threats the person will likely face in their home country. Officers make the H&C immigration application, but not all officers can do a proper test.

You need the services of an experienced immigration consultant to provide strong evidence, which demonstrates that you are going to suffer if you go back home. Swani-Can Immigration is your one-stop legal immigration counsel for all your H&C applications. We have helped many people like you remain in Canada under the H&C legal status. Working with us is simple because we strive to make everything clear to you as we work. Our happy clients spread across Canada form the Greater Toronto area, to other parts of Ontario, and our own Vaughan. We have also helped international clients from several continents achieve the same results.

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