Commissioning Oaths

Commissioner Of Oaths Vaughan, ON

Commissioning Oaths

If you are located in Vaughan, or anywhere across Ontario, and you want to sign an affidavit, Swani-Can Immigration can help you sign your affidavit in the capacity of the commissioner for oaths. Affidavits are written statements confirmed by the oath or affirmation, which includes the signature of the commissioners of oaths and the person requesting the confirmation.

An affidavit is necessary as a piece of court evidence and justifiable in most cases, especially when the affiant to the affidavit wants some statements to be as they appear on the affidavit. The commissioner of oaths is the recognized Canadian notary. If you need to verify certain information like your address, identity, or marital status or describe events leading to a theft or security situation, you need an affidavit. We are a licensed legal immigration agency and authorized commissioner for oaths in Vaughan, Ontario. Reach out to us today for all your affidavits and statutory declarations. We will commission all your oaths the right way.

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